Vacanta in doi

North Pole in the Middle of winter

In the September sun, my soul started to feel the urge to pack the bags and just go. But where, my mind was asking. So I opened the Wizz Air website and I bought the cheapest tickets ever: 2 people 3 nights in Copenhagen end of January. It was perfect as it was my birthday on the 25th of Jan.

Time flew, winter came and I was still happy with my decision. My colleagues – who have been there in different times of the year, all seemed a bit reluctant on the idea of going there in the middle of winter. “Roxana, why haven’t you chosen a destination like Spain or Italy or something more to the South?”. I was just rolling my eyes and thought they should mind their own business. We want something different. We are not like all the others.

Why I wouldn’t go again to Copenhagen in the middle of January

Because it’s bloody cold I would say now! Don’t get me wrong, Copenhagen is a great city, impressive buildings, interesting people, Christiania, Little Mermaid and everything but can you enjoy any of these when there are about -20 degrees outside? Well! To be honest, not really. And apart from the cold, there was that fog that made things even grey and even more annoying. We were lucky though! Out of 3 days we spent there, in only one it snowed and it was foggy. There was a bit of sun on the day we left.

Another shocking and surprising aspect of this great city is the prices. Oh, man! And what prices they have! We had a decent budget calculated from other city-breaks we took in the past plus what I have read on the forums but somehow, although we have not bought one single thing from there, the money seemed to melt under the Northern prices. Luckily we had our credit card with us and we used that. Just to make a comparison here, we have spent in 3 days there – short days, yeah?, the money we spent last summer in 5 days in Zakynthos. And in Greece we don’t starve…

The top 5 things we liked the most in Copenhagen
  1. Christiania – the symbol of the free world. Such an interesting and colorful place. A neighborhood with amazing graffities and cheap weed in the middle of one of the safest cities in Europe. It looked like a Christmas market only that they were selling marijuana, hashish and special cookies instead of chocolate, mulled wine and tea. People were so reeeelaxeed there!
  2. The people – smiley, always opened to help, calm and civilized. We were so impressed by the number of bicycles – in my view more than in Amsterdam, the big number of people who were jogging in the morning, the silence from the streets on a European capital.
  3. Nyhavn – with its pitoresque harbor, colorful buildings and full of restaurants and bars that were inviting you to escape the cold and feel the heat of the northern hospitality and great food.
  4. Amalienborg Palace is the home of the Danish royal family and parts of it can be visited just to feel the flavor of what it means to be royal nowadays. The changing of the guards happen every day but unfortunately we weren’t organized enough to be there on time. I would have been curious to see if it is the same as in London. But maybe next time
  5. Little Mermaid – the symbol of the city. Each place you go, there is an image on the postcards that makes you associate a city with it. Well, for Copenhagen, this is Little Mermaid. Smaller than I imagined, full or tourists around but does it matter? It is that image that you will always remember, that image that makes you feel the joy of being there, it is the image that appears in your dreams when you decide to visit a spot of this big world.

What did you like the most in Copenhagen? I am curious to hear how many of you had a vacation near the North Pole in the Middle of Winter.

More pics:

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