Who Am I?

My dream is to show my son he can make the world a better place


I became a mother recently and my entire Universe changed the colors. It is now bright, colorful, full of dreams and hopes. It has mountains and rivers and oceans and temples and churches and a lot of sun to be discovered. My son is the reason I started this blog because this is how I would like him to see me: a person who has the courage to explore, to try new things, who is always curious to meet new people, to learn about new cultures.

Until he will be old enough to decide for himself, I would like him to follow our steps: I want him to be a dreamer, to think that everything is possible, that any dream can come true and that the world is a better place with him in it.

We live in Cluj, the most loved city in Romania J The most beautiful place I have ever been to is Bali and my favourite capital of the world is London. I have put on my I love the Planet glasses and I try to see it through this filter so all the destinations are amazingly interesting.

We love to travel and we love to try new things. I would Travel with my husband and my son to the Moon and Back and I love them even more.


4 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Traveling with Panti family is like… a walk to remember:
    Rox is full of passion and addicted to nature, good music&smoothie ;
    Sergiu takes photos and recommends you best dinner&wine.
    I rather choose a trip with Panti family than a destination with a great review.
    I can’t wait a new escape with PF😍


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